-"HIMMAX Electronics Corporation, formally established at Manila in 1994, always been committed in providing long-term solution to private or public institutions. And with great pride we are proud to say that we are one of the few who locally manufacture security equipments like Automatic Emergency Light, Paging Amplifiers, Fire Alarm control Panel and more in the Philippines.

We have expanded our activities to designing security systems to installation and programming within and outside Metro Manila.

Our company motto says that “Your security is our Science” means that we understand that your security needs is not merely for compliance but an investment to protect your business, other properties, investments and most importantly your loved ones. We will keep on working hard to improve our products and services to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction

To our clients, thank you for giving your trust and confidence to us, and for the clients who are taking interest in our products and services we are looking forward to making business with you.""